Authentic Ancient JEWISH WAR vs ROMANS 67AD Historical JERUSALEM Coin NGC i81468

December 16, 2019

Jewish Coin of the First Jewish-Roman. War “Great Revolt” Bronze Prutah 16mm (2.54 grams) Struck Year 2 of the Jewish War at the Jerusalem. Mint, April 67 – March 68 A. Reference: Hendin 1360 (5th Edition); Hendin 661 (3rd Edition) Certification: NGC Ancients. VF 5767973-002 Jewish Amphora with broad rim and two handles; around Hebrew […]


MAGNENTIUS on HORSE vs Enemy 350AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin of Trier i65287

December 15, 2019

Item: i65287 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze AE2 21mm (5.71 grams) Trier mint, struck circa 350-353 A. Reference: RIC VIII Trier 271; Cohen 20; Sear 18798. D N MAGNENTIVS P F AVG, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right, A behind bust. GLORIA ROMANORVM, emperor on horseback right, holding shield on left arm, about to throw a […]



December 15, 2019

Roman Antoninus Pius As 2nd Century AD. Good grade and details, brown patina. Weight 11.7 gms. The item “ANCIENT ROMAN ANTONINUS PIUS AS COIN 2nd CENT AD CAESAR” is in sale since Saturday, May 4, 2019. This item is in the category “Coins\Coins\Ancient\Roman\Roman Imperial (96-235AD)”. The seller is “dic.caesar” and is located in London. This […]


CONSTANS Constantine I son 337AD Ancient Roman Coin Soldiers Legions i29818

December 14, 2019

Item: i29818 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Constans – Roman Emperor: 337-350 A. Bronze AE4 15mm (1.52 grams) Trier mint 337-340 A. Reference: RIC VIII 111 CONSTANS PF AVG, rosette-diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right GLORIA EXERCITVS, two soldiers holding spears & shields with one standard between them; M on banner, TRP-crescent in ex. The reverse […]


DIADUMENIAN son of Macrinus 218AD Marcianopolis Ancient Roman Coin TYCHE i70775

December 14, 2019

Item: i70775 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze 20mm (4.48 grams) of Marcianopolis. In Moesia Inferior Reference: Varbanov 1361 var. M OEIOC ANTNEINOC K, bare head right. MAPKIANOOEITN, Tyche standing front, head to left, holding rudder with her right hand and cornucopiae with her left. Tyche (meaning “luck”; Roman equivalent: Fortuna) was the presiding tutelary deity […]


TITUS Rare Authentic Ancient 80AD Rome Genuine Roman QUADRANS Coin NGC i78057

December 13, 2019

Item: i78057 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze Qudrans 13mm Rome mint, struck 80-81 A. Reference: Cohen 252; RIC II 255; Sear5 #2555 Certification: NGC Ancients. VF 4933660-006 IMP T VESP AVG COS VIII, modius. S C within laurel wreath. MODIVS, a bushel measure– of wheat for instance, or any dry or solid commodity. It contained […]


TIBERIUS Authentic Ancient 35AD JESUS CHRIST BIBLICAL TIME Roman Coin NGC i81716

December 13, 2019

Item: i81716 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze As 27mm (10.13 grams) Rome mint, struck 35-36 A. Reference: RIC I 59; MIR 2, 49-6; BMCRE 120; Cohen 22; sear5 #1771 Certification: NGC Ancients. F 4936282-008 TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST IMP VIII, Laureate head left. PONTIF MAXIM TRIBVN POTEST XXXVII, S-C across field, Winged caduceus. […]


Ancient Roman Republic Silver Denarius coin in Solid 18kt Gold Pendant 115 B. C

December 13, 2019

Authentic Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin Minted During the Roman Republic circa 115 – 114 B. This beautiful ancient Roman coin is mounted in a brand new high quality solid 18kt gold hand-made pendant with. Of quality full cut diamonds.. The coin features a portrait of Roma on the obverse and Roma sitting on shields […]


137-161 AD Roman Empire ANTONINUS PIUS Gold Coin AUREUS Ancient Rome RIC 52A

December 12, 2019

139 AD ANTONINUS PIUS AUREUS. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P, laureate head right. TR POT COS II. Pietas standing right by altar, raising right hand and holding box of incense. Antiquemonger is curated by C. A Southern-Indiana based art and antiques firm which specializes in historic art, artists’ estates, and jewelry. Please let us know […]


Rebecca Collins Ancient Roman Coin Sterling Ring Adjustable Sizing

December 12, 2019

Hefty chunk of gleaming silver set with an ancient bronze Roman coin. A true Rebecca Collins statement ring. Stamped with her prayer. Rebecca inscribes a spiritual message on each of her handmade. In order to create a. Which by definition, is something. Imbued with magic by its maker. For Rebecca, the coin in this ring. […]