AELIA FLACILLA Ancient Chi-Rho Christian Symbol 379AD Roman Coin VICTORY i66487

December 9, 2018

Item: i66487 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Wife of Theodosius I. Bronze AE2 21mm (4.30 grams) Antioch mint, struck 379-388 A. Reference: RIC IX 61; Sear 20616 AEL FLACCILLA AVG – Diademed, draped bust bust right. SALVS REIPVBLICAE / ANTB, Victory seated right on cuirass, inscribing a Chi-Rho on a shield set on column. The reverse […]

AELIA ZENONIS Monogram 475AD Genuine Ancient Roman Coin under Basiliscus i65294

March 14, 2018

Item: i65294 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze 10mm (1.07 grams) Constantinople mint. Reference: RIC X 1018; LRBC 2287 corr. (monogram) Pearl-diademed and draped bust right. Zenonis monogram within wreath. Aelia Zenonis (died 476/477) was the Empress consort of Basiliscus of the Byzantine Empire, brother of Verina. Her sister-in-law was Empress consort to Leo I and […]