DIOCLETIAN 286AD Silvered Authentic Ancient Roman Coin JUPITER ZEUS i65387

February 12, 2019

Item: i65387 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silvered Bronze Antoninianus 21mm (4.30 grams) Siscia mint: 286-293 A. Reference: RIC V 256; Cohen 33 IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS AVG, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right CONCORDIA MILITVM, Diocletian standing right, holding parazonium, receiving Victory from Jupiter standing left with scepter. In Roman mythology, Jupiter or Jove […]

DIOCLETIAN 288AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Genius Protection Cult i56350

December 21, 2018

Item: i56350 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Diocletian – Roman Emperor : 284-305 A. Bronze Follis 26mm (8.72 grams) Antioch mint 288 A. Reference: RIC 48a (VI, Antioch) IMPCDIOCLETIANVSPFAVG – Laureate head right. GENIOPOPVLIROMANI Exe: B /ANT – Genius standing left, pouring out patera and holding cornucopia. Head of a genius worshipped by Roman soldiers (found […]