Divus ANTONINUS PIUS Column 161AD Rome Sestertius Rare Ancient Roman Coin i66499

June 7, 2020

Item: i66499 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Divus Antoninus Pius Bronze Sestertius 30mm (23.46 grams) Rome mint, struck circa 161 A. Struck under Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, Reference: RIC III 1269 (Aurelius); Banti 144 DIVVS ANTONINVS, Bare head right. DIVO – PIO / S – C, Column of Antoninus Pius surmounted by statue of Pius […]


Divus AUGUSTUS Authentic Ancient 22AD Rome Dupondius Roman Coin ALTAR NGC i82696

May 22, 2020

Item: i82696 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Augustus Issue Bronze Dupondius 27mm (11.12 grams) Rome mint: 22-23 A. Reference: RIC 81 (Tiberius), BMC 147 (Tiberius), S 1789, C 228 Certification: NGC Ancients. VF Strike: 5/5 Surface: 4/5 4936006-020 DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, Radiate head of Augustus left. PROVIDENT, Altar; large S C on either side. And Nero […]


Divus Augustus AD 22-30 Ancient Authentic Roman DUPONDIUS coin RARE

April 24, 2020

Æ As (29mm, 10.59 g, 6h). Struck under Tiberius, circa AD 22-30. DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, radiate head left / S C across field, PROVIDENT in exergue, altar-enclosure with double panelled door. RIC I 81 (Tiberius); BMCRE 146-50 (Tiberius); BN 131-4 (Tiberius). Glossy dark brown surfaces, some green. The item “Divus Augustus AD 22-30 Ancient Authentic […]


Divus Saint CONSTANTINE I the GREAT 347AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i69777

April 18, 2019

Item: i69777 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Constantine I’The Great. Posthumous Deification Issue Bronze AE4 16mm (1.86 grams) Antioch mint, struck 347-348 A. Reference: RIC VIII 112 DV CONSTANTINVS PT AVG G, Veiled head of Constantine I right. VN MR / SMAN B , Constantine I, veiled, in shroud, standing right, hand clasped to breast. Numismatic […]


Divus ANTONINUS PIUS 161AD CONSECRATIO Pyre Ancient Silver Roman Coin i57864

April 4, 2019

Item: i57864 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Antoninus Pius – Roman Emperor: 138-161 A. Divus Antoninus Pius Consecration Ceremony Issue under emperor Marcus Aurelius Silver Denarius 16mm (3.39 grams) Rome mint: 161 A. Reference: RIC 436 (Marcus Aurelius), S 5193 DIVVS ANTONINVS – Bare head right. Divus was the “Divine” or status of a god that […]

Divus VESPASIAN 80AD Ancient Silver Roman Coin of TITUS w CAPRICORNS NGC i68164

December 21, 2018

Item: i68164 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Posthumous issue under Emperor Titus Silver Denarius 17mm (3.36 grams) Rome mint, struck 80-81 A. Reference: RIC 63 (Titus); S 2569; C 497 Certification: NGC Ancients. Ch XF Strike: 4/5 Surface: 3/5 4680931-002 DIVVS AVGVSTVS VESPASIANVS, Laureate head right. Shield reading SC held by two Capricorns; globe below. Capricorn […]

Divus Marcus Aurelius AE Sestertius. Eagle On Globe Reverse. Ancient Roman Coin

August 17, 2018

Here I present a beautiful large AE Sestertius of Marcus Aurelius. This is the Divus issue meaning its a commemorative coin memorialising Marcus Aurelius the man. The reverse carries the Roman Eagle on top of a globe, and the word CONSECRATIO as the legends around the coin. A Rome Mint, and mega collectable. Marcus Aurelius […]

Divus AUGUSTUS 22AD Rome ALTAR Tiberius Authentic Ancient Roman Coin NGC i60242

January 29, 2018

Item: i60242 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Augustus – Roman Emperor: 27 B. As Divus Augustus Bronze As 27mm (10.43 grams) Rome mint: 22-23 A. Under Emperor Tiberius Reference: RIC 81 (Tiberius), BMC 147 (Tiberius), S 1789, C 228 Certification: NGC Ancients XF 4375823-396 DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, Radiate head of Augustus left. PROVIDENT, Altar; large S […]