HONORIUS Authentic Ancient 408AD Genuine Original GOLD Roman Coin NGC MS i73332

January 10, 2019

Item: i73332 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Gold Solidus 21mm (4.45 grams) Constantinople mint, 8th officina. Reference: RIC X 201; Depeyrot 73/1 Certification: NGC Ancients. MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 3/5 4683112-004 D N HONORIVS P F AVG, Pearl-diademed, helmeted, and cuirassed bust facing slightly right, holding spear and shield decorated with horseman. CONCORDIA AVG G G […]

HONORIUS 404D Christian CROSS Genuine Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i31573

October 13, 2018

Item: i31573 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Honorius – Roman Emperor: 393-423 A. Bronze AE4 11mm (0.72 grams) Struck circa 404-406 A. DN HONORIVS P F AVG – Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. CONCORDIA AVGG – Cross. Flavius Honorius (9 September 384 ââ¬â 15 August 423) was Roman Emperor (393ââ¬â395) and then Western Roman Emperor […]