MACRINUS & SON DIADUMENIAN Ancient 217AD Marcianopolis Roman Coin ZEUS i78930

November 6, 2019

Item: i78930 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Macrinus and his son Diadumenian Bronze Pentassarion 24mm (11.93 grams) of Marcianopolis. In Moesia Inferior under Legate Furius Pontianus Laureate head of Macrinus right facing bare head of his son Diadumenian who faces left. V ONTIANOV MAPKIANOOEITN, Zeus standing facing, his head left, holding a thunderbolt and scepter, E […]


MACRINUS Authentic Ancient 217AD Silver Denarius Roman Coin w JUPITER ZEUS NGC

September 26, 2019

Macrinus – Roman Emperor: 217-218 A. Silver Denarius 20mm (3.70 grams, 1h) Rome mint. 2nd emission, struck 217-218 A. Reference: RIC IV 15; Clay Issue 2; RSC 55a (Antioch). Certification: NGC Ancients Ch XF Strike: 5/5 Surface: 5/5 4935021-002 Laureate and cuirassed bust right, Jupiter standing left, holding thunderbolt and scepter. Jupiter , called Zeus […]

MACRINUS and DIADUMENIAN Marcianopolis Athena Owl Ancient Roman Coin i38840

November 2, 2018

Item: i38840 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Macrinus – Roman Emperor: 217-218 A. Macrinus and His Son Diadumenian Bronze Pentassarion 26mm (11.72 grams) of Marcianopolis under Legate Furius Pontianus. AVT K OE CEV MAKPEINOC K M OE ANTNEINOC, bust of Macrinus, laureate facing bare-headed bust of Diadumenian. V ONTIANOV MAPKIANOPOEITN, Athena standing left, holding owl and […]