Marcus Aurelius as Caesar Stunning Denarius Father of Commodus Roman Silver Coin

September 30, 2020

Marcus Aurelius, as Caesar (AD 161-180) AR Denarius (2.75g, 17mm, 6h) circa AD 157-158. Obv: AVRELIVS CAES ANTON AVG PII F, bare head right. / Rev: TR POT XII COS II, Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and sceptre. RIC 475 note (Pius); RSC 729. This coin is guaranteed for life to be a genuine ancient […]


Marcus Aurelius Silver Coin Caesar Rome Ancient Roman Denarius Coin 161-180 A. D

July 15, 2020

Hello, You are viewing a listing for a. Marcus Aurelius Silver Coin. Up for sale is a Marcus Aurelius silver coin and it is in great condition. I do not attach a grade to any coins as it is subjective and I ask for you to review the coin for yourself. You will receive the […]


MARCUS AURELIUS Authentic Ancient 179AD Rome Silver Roman Coin FORTUNA i84281

June 25, 2020

Item: i84281 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Caesar : 139-161 A. Silver Denarius 18mm (3.81 grams) Rome mint, struck December 179 – 17 of March 180 A. Reference: RIC III 409; BMCRE 805 var (bust type); RSC 972. M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG, laureate, cuirassed bust right. TR P XXXIIII IMP X COS III P P, Fortuna […]


MARCUS AURELIUS as Caesar Authentic Ancient 145AD Silver Roman Coin NGC i82590

June 20, 2020

Item: i82590 Authentic Ancient Coin of. As Caesar : 139-161 A. Silver Denarius 18mm (3.49 grams) Rome mint, struck under Antoninus Pius, struck 145-147 A. Reference: RIC 429a (Antoninus Pius); BMC 594; Cohen 110 Certification: NGC Ancients. XF 4936021-001 AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F, Bare head of Marcus Aurelius to right. COS II, Honos standing […]


MARCUS AURELIUS Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin SALUS SERPENT NGC i81291

June 16, 2020

Item: i81291 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 17mm (2.15 grams) Rome mint, struck 177-178 A. Reference: RIC 385; BMC 722: RSC 954; Sear 4949 Certification: NGC Ancients. Ch VF 4935494-009 M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG, laureate head right. TR P XXXII IMP VIIII COS III P P, Salus seated left, holding poppy over serpent rising […]


MARCUS AURELIUS Authentic Ancient 165AD Silver Roman Coin FELICITAS NGC i82621

April 24, 2020

Item: i82621 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 17mm (3.20 grams) Rome mint, struck 165 A. Reference: RIC III 132; MIR 18, 98-4/30; RSC 476 Certification: NGC Ancients. XF 4936010-002 ANTONINVS AVG ARMENIACVS, laureate head right. P M TR P XIX IMP II COS III, Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopia, foot on globe. […]


Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa Augustus General Ancient Roman Coin CALIGULA NGC i80905

February 12, 2020

Item: i80905 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Best friend of Augustus & General, Died 12 B. Bronze As 28mm (10.97 grams) Struck under Roman Emperor Caligula. At the mint of Rome, 37-41 A. Reference: RIC 58 [Caligula], Cohen 3, BMC 161 [Tiberius] Certification: NGC Ancients. Ch VF Fine Style 4285767-001 M AGRIPPA L F COS III […]


Marcus Aurelius Stunning Denarius. Father of Commodus. Ancient Roman Silver Coin

January 4, 2020

Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-180) AR Denarius (17mm, 2.61g) Struck circa AD 177-178. Obv: M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG, Laureate head to right. / Rev: TR P XXXII IMP VIIII COS III P P, Roma seated left, on cuirass and shields, holding Victory and parazonium. RIC 393; BMC 770. This coin is guaranteed for life to be […]


MARCUS AMBIBULUS Augustus Jerusalem Ancient 10AD BIBLICAL Roman Coin NGC i70947

December 20, 2019

Item: i70947 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Biblical Jerusalem and Judaea under Roman Administration Marcus Ambibulus. Prefect 9-12 A. Of Judaea under Augustus. Bronze Prutah 16mm Jerusalem. Mint, struck 10/11 A. 1331 (5th Edition) Certification: NGC Ancients. VF 2077739-033 KAICAPOC (of Caesar), ear of grain curved to right LMA year 41 = 10/11 A. In fields; […]


Marcus Aurelius 161-180 AD. Magnificent Denarius Ancient Roman Silver Coin, NGC

September 19, 2019

Marcus Aurelius 161-180 AD. Ancient Roman NGC F. Ruler: Marcus Aurelius dated circa AD 180. Size – 17 mm. Obverse – Marcus Aurelius bare head right. Reverse – Rare Depiction of an Eagle pirched facing left. Certified NGC # 4 2 8 5 6 3 2 -012. Expert Notes: Excellent detailed strike of Marcus Aurelius, […]