Valentinian 364-375 AD AE3 Nummus NGC Graded AU Ancient Roman Coin

April 9, 2019

Ancient Roman Empire, Valentinian I 364-375 AD, AE3 Nummus, Siscia Mint. Toned olive forest green in color. Unknown due to holder. NGC Graded About Uncirculated. All photographs are of the exact coin being offered. All items are graded as accurately and fairly as possible to industry standards. Grading is an opinion and not exact science. […]

VALENTINIAN I w Chi-Rho Ancient 364AD Authentic Roman Coin w CAPTIVE i66461

November 13, 2018

Item: i66461 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Last great western emperor’ Bronze AE3 18mm (2.68 grams) Siscia mint, struck circa 364-367 A. 2; LRBS 1275 D N VALENTINIANVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right. GLORIA ROMANORVM / BSISC, Emperor in military dress, walking right, head left, holding labarum (tipped with Chi-Rho) and dragging a […]

VALENTINIAN I w labarum Two Crosses Very Rare 375AD Ancient Roman Coin i20464

September 23, 2018

Item: i20464 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Valentinian I – Roman Emperor: 364-375 A. Bronze AE3 18mm (2.11 grams) Struck 375 A. DNVALENTINIANVSPFAVG – Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. GLORIAROMANORVM – Valentinian I dragging captive right, holding labarum, cross in left and right field. Numismatic Note: This is a rare, possibly unpublished type with the […]

VALENTINIAN I 364AD Authentic Ancient SIlver Roman Siliqua Coin NGC Certified AU

June 5, 2018

[6353] VALENTINIAN I: 364-375 A. Silver Siliqua 19mm, 1.95 gm. Certification: NGC Ancients AU Strike: 4/5 Surface: 3/5 4529605-010 D N VALENTINI-ANVS P F AVG, rosette-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right. VOT V in three lines within wreath. Mintmark CP dot A. Provided with certificate of authenticity. CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC by Sergey Nechayev, PhD – Numismatic […]