Roman Republic 101BC Rome Authentic Ancient Coin ROMA Victory CHARIOT NGC i61944

September 2, 2019

Item: i61944 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Lucilius Rufus moneyer Silver Denarius 20mm (3.97 grams) Rome mint, circa 101 B. Reference: Lucilia 1; B. 324/1 Certification: NGC Ancients Ch F 4529168-011 PV behind head of Roma right, within laurel-wreath. RVF above Victory in biga (2 horse chariot) right, M. In traditional Roman religion, Roma was a […]


SCARCE Ancient Roman Republic M Antonius & Octavianus 39 BC Silver Denarius Coin

September 1, 2019

SCARCE Ancient Roman Republic M Antonius & Octavianus 39 BC Silver Denarius Coin. Weight: 3,32 gr. If You have any question, please dont hesitate to contact me! The item “SCARCE Ancient Roman Republic M Antonius & Octavianus 39 BC Silver Denarius Coin” is in sale since Wednesday, August 7, 2019. This item is in the […]


Roman Republic Sabine KING of Rome TATIUS Ancient Silver Coin CHARIOT NGC i72100

August 31, 2019

Item: i72100 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Sabinus moneyer Silver Denarius 18mm (3.52 grams) Rome mint, struck circa 89 B. 2330-43; Sydenham 700; Crawford 344/3 Certification: NGC Ancients. VG Strike: 4/5 Surface: 2/5 4681159-009 Head of king Tatius of the Sabines right, SABIN behind. Victory in biga right, holding wreath, L. TITVRI below horses, symbol in […]


Roman Republic 84BC Rome VEJOVIS Minerva CHARIOT Ancient Silver Coin NGC i61945

August 28, 2019

Item: i61945 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Macer moneyer Silver Denarius 19mm (3.88 grams) Rome mint, struck circa 84 B. Reference: Licinia 16; B. 354/1 Certification: NGC Ancients VF 4529168-009 Diademed bust of Vejovis draped left turned from spectator, hurling thunderbolt. Minerva in quadriga right, C. F / MACER in exergue. Vejovis or Vejove (Latin: Viovis […]


Roman Republic 87BC MINERVA Rome PUBLIC GAMES CHARIOT Ancient Silver Coin i55603

August 27, 2019

Item: i55603 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Rubrius Dossenus moneyer Silver Denarius 17mm (3.62 grams) Rome mint, circa 87 B. Reference: Rubria 3; B. 348/3 Bust of Minerva right, wearing helmet and aegis, DOS behind. Triumphal chariot right, small Victory in biga standing on it, L. The obverse of this type gives representation of one of […]


Roman Republic 83BC Ancient Silver Coin MARIUS Supporter vs Sulla NGC i77280

August 24, 2019

Item: i77280 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Antonius Balbus Moneyer Silver Denarius 19mm Rome mint, struck circa 83/82 B. 364/1b Certification: NGC Ancients. XF 4933680-007 Laureate head of Jupiter right, S. C behind; letter below neck. Victory in quadriga right, Q. BALB / PR in exergue. This moneyer was a member of the Marian (whom supported […]


Roman Republic 90BC Pan Jupiter Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Rome Coin i58835

August 23, 2019

Item: i58835 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Pansa moneyer Silver Denarius 19mm (3.68 grams) Rome mint, struck circa 90 B. Reference: Vibia 18; B. 449/1a – PANSA below mask of Pan right. N behind Jupiter Axurus seated left, IOVIS. In Greek religion and mythology , Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature […]


BRUTUS Julius Caesar Assassin 54BC Ancient Silver Roman Republic Coin i79206

August 7, 2019

Authentic Ancient Coin of. Caepio Brutus Moneyer better known as Marcus Junius Brutus. Assassin of Julius Caesar. Silver Denarius 19mm Rome mint, struck circa 54 B. Reference: Junia 31; RRC 433/1; BMCRR Roma 3861; Sydenham 906, Catalli 2001, 618 Certification: NGC Ancients. VF 4285243-004 Head of Libertas right; behind, LIBERTAS. Iunius Brutus, consul of 509 […]


Rare Ancient Roman Republic Gold Fourrees coin, Barbarian 100-300AD Unique! #247

August 3, 2019

Ancient Barbaric Gold coin. Pendant – Amulet – Suspension. A fourrée is a coin, most often a counterfeit, that is made from a base metal core that has been plated with a precious metal to look like its solid metal counterpart. The term is normally applied to ancient silver-plated coins such as the Roman denarius […]


Roman Republic AMPHITRITE & NEPTUNE Authentic Ancient Silver Denarius Coin NGC

July 20, 2019

Creperius moneyer Silver Denarius 18mm (4.93 grams) Rome mint, struck circa 72 B. Certification: NGC Ancients Ch VF Strike: 4/5 Surface: 5/5 4683029-005 Draped bust of Amphitrite seen from behind, with head turned right; behind, dolphin; D in field to right. Neptune in biga of sea-horses right, holding reins and brandishing trident; above, D and […]