PROCOPIUS Usurper 366AD shield CHI-RHO monogram Rare Ancient Roman Coin

November 28, 2023

Procopius – Roman Usurper: 365-366 A. Procopius took part in the emperor Julian’s campaign against the Persian Empire in 363. On his mother’s side, Procopius was cousin of Emperor Julian. Both authors agree that the sign was not readily understandable as denoting Christ, which corresponds with the fact that there is no certain evidence of […]


NGC Ch XF 222-235 Severus Alexander Roman Empire Denarius Coin, Caesar Ancient

November 27, 2023

Severus Alexander, as Augustus (AD 222-235). IMP Luxurious High Grade. A beautiful image of the Caesar on the obverse. A unique variety strike on the reverse. A scarce emperor coin. You wont be disappointed!!


NGC Ch AU Claudius II 268-270 AD Roman Empire Denarius Coin, MARS LEGIONNAIRE

November 27, 2023

NGC Choice AU Claudius II 268-270 AD Roman Empire Bi Double Denarius Silver Coin, RARE! A very High Grade. A beautiful image of the Caesar and a great investment. You wont be disappointed!!



November 26, 2023

VOT / X in two lines within wreath. CONSTANTINE II (Caesar, 316-337).


Roman Imperial ae AS Coin of Trajan DACIA with TROPHY of ARMS

November 26, 2023

Reverse :Dacia, in attitude of mourning, seated left on shields; trophy of arms to left. Obverse : Laureate bust of Trajan right. Don’t see what you are looking for? . Just ask we may have it and just haven’t listed it.


Nero AR Denarius Silver Ancient Roman Coin 54-68 AD Certified NGC VF

November 25, 2023

Up for sale here is an excellent Roman Nero AR Denarius Silver Coin (54-68 AD) that has been certified and graded Very Fine by the NGC Grading Service. This is a very scarce Nero Denarius with strong VF detail and a nice overall look.


VERY RARE Festival of Isis Issues Only Two Known Constantius II Nike Roman Coin

November 25, 2023

Festival of Isis and related issues. VIC[TOR-IA AVGG] Victory advancing left, holding wreath in her right hand and palm frond in her left.


Emperor magnentius 350-353AD Rare Authentic Ancient Roman Coin medium bronze

November 25, 2023

This rare and authentic ancient Roman coin features Emperor Magnentius during the historical period of Roman Imperial (27 BC-476 AD). The medium bronze composition adds to the allure of this uncleaned, ungraded coin that dates back to 353 AD. The coin’s provenance and country/region of manufacture is Italy, but its exact certification and date are […]


Ancient Roman Constantine II Biblical Coin NGC Slabbed Coin Certified Artifact

November 24, 2023

For sale is this incredible authentic Ancient Roman Empire Constantine coin that has been professionally authenticated by NGC (debatably the worlds premier coin certification agency). This would be a great addition to any collection!