Domitian Rome Mint Ancient Roman Ae As Coin 020651

February 28, 2018

ANCIENT ROMAN AE AS COIN. Copper, 11.51 grams, 27.68 mm. Obverse: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM COS XI CENS PER PP, laureate head right, wearing aegis. Reverse: VIRTVTI AVGVSTI, Virtus standing right, foot on helmet, holding spear and parazonium. RIC 500; Sear 2817. Very fine and better. Domitian 13th September A. 81 – 18th September […]

Brutus Julius Caesar Roman Assassin 44BC Ancient Greek GOLD Coin NGC MS i66630

February 28, 2018

Authentic Ancient Coin of. Assassin of Julius Caesar. Gold Propaganda Coin with Obverse of his silver Coin from 54 B. With his famous ancestor L. Brutus Struck under: Dynast of Thrace: Koson Gold Stater 20mm (8.47 grams) Struck After 44 B. Reference: RPC 1701; BMC Thrace pg. 208, 2; BMCRR II pg. 474, 48 Certification: […]

Ancient Roman Coin with 14K gold setting and diamond chain mens

February 27, 2018

This c ustom made piece is made with an ancient coin. It is custom vintage with a diamond embedded into the coin. The setting around the coin is a thick 14K yellow gold. The item “Ancient Roman Coin with 14K gold setting and diamond chain mens” is in sale since Saturday, November 18, 2017. This […]

Handmade Ancient Roman Art Coin Bracelet By Omer 925k Sterling Silver

February 27, 2018

Add to Favorites List! My wife and I, carry out our production and designing of roman and Anatolian ancient style fine jewelry in our studio/workshop in Bodrum, Turkey. All our jewelry are unique, one of a kind and totally handmade pieces. Unlike most of today’s goldsmiths, we do not under any circumstances, use serial stones, […]

VOLUSIAN Roman Empire 251-253 NGC AU Double Denarius Ancient Coin Volusianus

February 27, 2018

VOLUSIAN 251-253 NGC AU Ancient Double Denarius. This is a great investment with graded ancient. Coins gaining in value every day. This is a great looking coin with amazing detail. VOLUSIAN Story from Wikipedia. Gaius Vibius Volusianus Augustus. Died August 253, also known as Volusian , was a Roman Emperor. From 251 to 253. He […]

GORDIAN III Mint State 241AD Authentic Ancient Roman Gold Coin Eternity NGC MS

February 26, 2018

[6484] Gordian III – Roman Emperor: 238-244 A. Gold Aureus 19mm (5.24 gms) Rome mint, struck circa 241-243 A. Reference: RIC-97; Calico-3186 Certification: NGC Ancients MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 3/5 4372805-001 IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, Laureate and draped bust of Gordian III facing right. AETERNITATI AVG, Sol radiate standing left, raising right arm, holding […]

JEWISH Roman War YEAR 1 Ancient 66AD Silver Shekel Coin of JERUSALEM Superb

February 26, 2018

Silver Shekel shekel (23mm, 13.92 gm, 11h). Jerusalem mint, dated Year 1, struck 66/67 A. Reference: Meshorer 187; AJC 3; MCP dies O2/R24; Hendin 1354; Samuels 81 (this coin) Pedigree / Provenance: Samuels 81 Certification: NGC Ancients (photo certificate) AU Strike: 4/5 Surface: 4/5 4625202-001 Paleo-Hebrew Shekel of Israel around ritual omer cup with flat […]

Ancient Greek Roman Empire, Time of Jesus Coin, Angels Watching Heaven 20BC 90AD

February 26, 2018

Tested 2000 Year Old with Relic Bronze Content. Its the best in the world we feel. Hold history here; warm your home. We are not a coin store. We trade trading family heirlooms for more than one family. (the item pictured will arrive in less than two weeks). We take many photos generic below. Our […]


February 25, 2018

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