MARK ANTONY & OCTAVIAN AUGUSTUS Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin NGC i60111

March 31, 2018

Item: i60111 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Mark Antony & Octavian’Augustus’ as Triumvirs Silver 18mm (3.19 grams) Ephesus mint, Spring-Summer 41 BC. Barbatius Pollio moneyer as proquaestor Reference: RSC 8; B. 51 and 96; B. 517/2; Sydenham 1181 Certification: NGC Ancients VG 4375823-279 M. Bare head of Mark Antony right. Bare head of Augustus right, without […]

Ancient Roman Gold Coin, Valens 364-378 A. D. Outstanding Detail

March 31, 2018

WE ARE PLEASED TO OFFER AN OUTSTANDING COIN OF. AV Solidus (21.31mm, 4.43 g). Antioch mint, 5th officina. Pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Valens standing facing, head right, holding labarum with cross on banner and Victory on globe; staurogram to left; ANTE. Viii (unlisted officina); Depeyrot 19/3. Good VF, graffiti on right field […]

Higher Quality Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin Vespasian RIC 268, 3.6 Grams

March 31, 2018

You won’t regret it! All my coins are guaranteed to be authentic! Higher Quality Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin. IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head left / VICTOPIA IMR [V]ESPVSIANI (sic) , Victory standing left on globe, holding wreath and palm. RIC II 268 (VICTORIA IMP); Hendin -; cf. BMCRE 361 (VESPASIANI); BN 21; RSC […]

Ancient Roman Coin Medallion First-Strike Caesar Brutus Nero 44grm Zeus Hercules

March 30, 2018

Was with Dekadrachm 2200 Year Old Coins in the First-Strike Misc Box of L. Cohen who passed 40 years ago. His assets included several 6. / medallions street traded 1999 in Israel London &. This heirloom is so big n solid a. Dent it; well maybe a train; it is sure to last another 2000 […]

GETA as CAESAR 207AD Ancient Silver Roman Coin Minerva Magic, wisdom, war i24544

March 30, 2018

Item: i24544 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Geta – Roman Caesar: 198-209 – Emperor: 209-211 A. Silver Denarius 19mm (3.53 grams) Rome mint: 207 A. Reference: RIC 34b, S 7186 PSEPTIMIVSGETACAES – Bare-headed, draped bust right. PONTIFCOS – Minerva standing left, holding spear and resting hand on shield. Minerva (Etruscan : Menrfa , or Menrva) was […]

HADRIAN Travels to SPAIN 134AD Rome Authentic Ancient Roman Coin HISPANIA i57909

March 30, 2018

Item: i57909 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Hadrian – Roman Emperor: 117-138 A. Hadrian’s Travels Issue – Visit to Spain Bronze As 24mm (11.60 grams) Rome mint, 134-138 A. Reference: RIC II 852 HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, Bareheaded and draped bust right. HISPANIA, Hispania reclining left, holding branch and resting left elbow on rock; […]

Authentic Ancient Roman Coin General AGRIPPA Men’s Ring

March 29, 2018

Dear Customer, Thank you for taking a look around my shop. I appreciate your interest! I use Authentic Ancient Coins and Objects unless stated. I have worn both and you can tell the difference. The ancient coins seem to possess a power (if you will) as they have passed thru many hands and have been […]

Augustus as Octavian 37BC Triumvirite Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin i52910

March 29, 2018

Item: i52910 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Augustus – Roman Emperor : 27 B. As Octavian, Roman Imperatorial Time Period Silver Denarius 19mm (3.29 grams) of Southern or central Italian mint, Summer of 37 B. Reference: Crawford 538/1; CRI 312; Sydenham 1334; Kestner 3831; BMCRR Gaul 116-8; RSC 91 Bareheaded and bearded head right; IMP CAESAR […]

Ancient Roman Republican AR Coins Jupiter in Quadriga Denarius 101 BC Ref. 650

March 28, 2018

Ancient Roman Republican AR Coins. Jupiter in Quadriga Denarius. Rome mint, circa 101 B. Obv: helmeted head of Roma right with ARG PVB (AR ligated) behind. Rev: Jupiter in quadriga right, holding sceptre and thunderbolt with L. SENTI C F in exergue. ARG PVB indicates that the coins were struck from’the public silver’ and appears […]