Roman Empire Coin CARACALLA Emperor and River God On Reverse Silver Denarius

July 31, 2021

Roman Emp eror 198 – 2 17 AD. Obv: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG. Laureate bust of Emperor right. Rev: PONTIF TR P X COS II. Caracalla standing holding spear and parazonium. Two captives at his feet and River God. SOUTH FLORIDA ESTATE SALE. Please, check out other ancient coins we have available for sale. We are […]


Marcus Aurelius AR Denarius Silver Roman Coin 161-80 AD. Certified NGC Choice VF

July 30, 2021

Up for sale here is an excellent. AR Denarius Coin (161-180 AD) that has been certified and professionally judged to be in Choice Very Fine Condition by the NGC Grading Service – Choice Very Fine. This is a scarce Denarius with sharp detail and a nice overall look. It has been awarded high marks of […]


Ancient Roman Nero AE As Copper Coin 66 AD VF (Very Fine) Rare Coin

July 30, 2021

Up for sale here is an excellent. AE As Copper Coin (66 AD, 10.98 g, 26 mm). This is a very scarce Nero AE As with strong detail and a nice overall look. Quite a remarkable coin, now over 2000 years old. As always, this piece is Guaranteed Genuine. AE as (26mm, 10.98 gm, 6h). […]


Lot of 16 Rare original ancient Roman Greek Provincial coins urn snake crescent

July 30, 2021

Lot of 16 original ancient Roman Greek provincial issues. Well centered nice specimens. Genuine patina and earthen encrustation. Original ancient Roman coin as pictured and described above. All items will be sent out in protected envelope and boxed if necessary. Every item offered by cameleoncoins is unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine & authentic. If in […]


Emperor Theodosius I Gold AV Solidus 379-395 AD, Ancient Roman Gold Coin, NGC AU

July 29, 2021

Roman Empire Gold Solidus. Ancient Roman Gold Solidus. Light wear, a very strong strike, and nice luster. No photoediting – all pictures are unedited. No cleaned or polished coins – all coins have original patina. No overmarketing – only a simple description of wear/luster. Guaranteed authentic for life. The item “Emperor Theodosius I Gold AV […]


Worst Jobs In History

July 29, 2021


Ancient Roman Coin Necklace Statement Turkey Gold Genuine Turquoise Garnet

July 29, 2021

Beautiful Estate Necklace with Ruby & Turquoise and coins gold plated Made in Turkey. Wonderful modern necklace with a faux antic coins and pieces of Turquoise and Garnet. Almost new necklace looks stunning. Unique combination of Ancient Roman gold plated coins, nicely framed pieces of Turquoise and Garnet in the gold plated “frames”. It gives […]


Rare Original ancient Roman silver coin denarius Hadrian 117 PUDICITIA

July 28, 2021

Hadrian, 117-138 AD Emperor AD 117-138. As Caesar under Trajan, Hadrian was – contrary to a deception which has lasted to modern times – never officially adopted by Trajan. Coins with the legend ADOPTIO were struck purely to convince people of his claim to the imperial title. Well centered nice specimen. STRUCK – 119-122 AD. […]



July 28, 2021

Roman Augustus Silver Denarius 1st Century BC. Augustus bare head right. Coin struck in commemoration of the victory at Actium. The item “QUALITY ANCIENT ROMAN AUGUSTUS SILVER DENARIUS COIN 1st CENT BC/AD CAESAR” is in sale since Friday, August 21, 2020. This item is in the category “Coins\Coins\Ancient\Roman\Roman Imperial (27BC-96AD)”. The seller is “dic.caesar” and […]


Rare ancient Roman silver coin denarius L Thorius Balbus 105BC Juno Sospita/Bull

July 28, 2021

One original ancient Roman republican denarius. / ISMR abbreviated legend behind head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat-skin headdress. / Bull charging right; L THORIVS BALBVS legend in two lines in exergue, control letter A to V above. Crawford 316/1; Sydenham 598; Thoria 1; Sear 192. Original ancient Roman coin as pictured and described above. […]