Salonina 253AD Authentic Silver Ancient Roman Coin Pudicitia Modesty Rare i58980

December 31, 2021

Item: i58980 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Salonina – Roman Empress: 253-268 A. Wife of Gallienus Silver Antoninianus 20mm (3.16 grams) Struck circa 253-268 A. Reference: RIC 25, Cohen 94; RSC 94; Sear 10649. SALONINA AVG, diademed, draped bust right on crescent PVDICITIA, Pudicitia seated left, holding patera and sceptre. Pudicitia (“modesty” or “sexual virtue”) was […]


PAGAN Persecution of CHRISTIANS Rare Ancient Roman Coin MAXIMINUS II i19134

December 31, 2021

Item: i19134 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Anonymous Bronze Quarter-Nummus 16mm (1.18 grams) “Pagan Commemorative”, struck under Maximinus II Daia 310 AD. Reference: Vagi 2955 IOVICONSERVATORI – Jupiter seated left, holding globe and scepter. VICTORIAAVGG Exe: Δ / Д/ ANT – Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch. PAGAN COINAGE OF THE GREAT PERSECUTION. Though […]


PROBUS shaking hands with Concordia 279AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin i63608

December 31, 2021

Item: i63608 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze Antoninianus 21mm (3.37 grams) Siscia mint 279-280 A. Reference: RIC 666-Cohen163 ; Sear 11967. IMP PROBVS P F AVG, helmeted, radiate, cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield CONCORDIA MILIT, Probus and Concordia standing face to face, clasping hands. In ancient Roman religion, Concordia is the goddess who […]


CONSTANTINE II Jr. Constantine I the Great son Ancient Roman Coin ALTAR i54196

December 30, 2021

Item: i54196 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Constantine II’Junior’ – Roman Emperor : 337-340 A. Bronze AE3 18mm (2.92 grams) Treveri mint 321 A. Reference: RIC 312 (VII, Trier) CONSTANTINVSIVNNOBC – Laureate, draped bust left, Victory on globe in right hand, mappa in left hand. Altar reading VOT/IS/XX with globe atop; three stars over globe. Flavius […]


SEVERUS ALEXANDER 223AD Antioch Ancient Silver Roman Coin Loyalty Pietas i67035

December 30, 2021

Item: i67035 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 18mm (3.11 grams) Antioch mint: 223 A. Reference: RIC 293, S 7889, C 196 IMPCMAVRSEVALEXANDAVG – Laureate, draped bust right. PIETASAVG – Pietas standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding incense box. In Roman mythology, Pietas was the goddess of duty to one’s state, gods and family […]


CONSTANTINE I the GREAT 347AD Ancient Roman Coin Christian Deification i37162

December 29, 2021

Item: i37162 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Constantine I’The Great’- Roman Emperor: 307-337 A. Posthumous Christian Deification Issue Bronze AE4 15mm (1.33 grams) Nicomedia mint 347-348 A. Reference: RIC 48 (VIII, Nicomedia), LRBC 1148 DVCONSTANTINVSPTAVGG – Veiled head right. No legend Exe: SMN A – Constantine I standing right; VN MR across fields. Posthumous means arising, […]


EF Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Diocletian BI Nummus Lyon AD 301-303 LARGE

December 29, 2021

IMP DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust right / GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius standing left, modius on head, naked but for chlamys over left shoulder, right holding patera, left cornucopiae; altar in left field, Lamda in right field, PLC in exergue. RIC 108a for Varieyt, no online examples 27mm. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS […]


Lot Of A 50 Nice Ancient Roman Coins Uncleaned & Coin

December 29, 2021

LOT OF A 50 NICE ANCIENT ROMAN COINS UNCLEANED. The item “LOT OF A 50 NICE ANCIENT ROMAN COINS UNCLEANED & COIN” is in sale since Tuesday, December 28, 2021. This item is in the category “Coins & Paper Money\Coins\ Ancient\Roman\ Imperial (27 BC-476 AD)”. The seller is “2060gilbert” and is located in Las Cruces, […]


Roman Maximus AR Denarius Coin 235-238 AD Certified NGC MS (UNC) 5/5 Strike

December 28, 2021

Up for sale here is an excellent. AR Denarius Coin (235-238 AD) that has been certified and professionally judged to be in Mint State Uncirculated Condition by the NGC Grading Service. This is a scarce Mint State Maximus AR Denarius. It is scarce in the high MS NGC Certified Grade. It has been awarded high […]