ANONYMOUS 81-196AD Rome Quadrans Authentic Ancient Roman Coin JUPITER i65522

January 31, 2022

Item: i65522 Authentic Ancient. Anonymous Issue, period of Roman Emperors Domitian to Antoninus Pius Bronze Quadrans 11mm (2.56 grams) Rome mint, struck circa 81-161 A. Reference: RIC II 3 Diademed head of Jupiter right. Eagle standing left with open wings, head right with wreath in beak; S C across fields. The series of Imperial-era anonymous […]

Anonymous Ancient Roman Republican Silver Denarius Coin 023304

February 22, 2018

ANCIENT ROMAN REPUBLICAN SILVER DENARIUS COIN. Silver, 3.75 grams, 18.33 mm. Obverse: laureate head of Apollo Vejovis right, thunderbolt below. Reverse: Jupiter in galloping quadriga right. Babelon 226; Sydenham 723; Crawford 350a/2; RSC 226; Sear 266. Very fine and better. GB 795 7410 88; Margin scheme applies. Export licences may be required for some items. […]