CRISPUS Caesar Constantine the Great son 317AD Ancient Roman Coin i79416

January 25, 2020

Item: i79416 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silvered Bronze AE3 19mm (2.33 grams) Thessalonica mint: 317-318 A. Reference: RIC 38 (Thessalonica) CRISPVSNOBILISSCAES – Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. VOTV/MVLTX/CAESS/TS – Wreath, legend within. The wreath was a symbol of victory in ancient Greek and Roman times, and references to it are still used in modern […]

CRISPUS 322AD RARE Possibly Unpublished Trier Ancient Roman Coin Altar i47979

December 27, 2018

Item: i47979 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Crispus – Roman Caesar: 317-326 A. Reduced Follis 20mm (2.70 grams) Trier (Treveri) circa 322-323 A. Reference: Rare possibly unpublished type. CRISPVS NOB CAES, helmeted, cuirassed bust right. BEATA TRANQVILLITAS Exe: PTR, globe on altar inscribed VO TIS XX; three stars above. Flavius Julius Crispus , also known as […]

Crispus 325AD EXTREMELY RARE PEDIGREED Gold Solidus Authentic Ancient Roman Coin

January 17, 2018

[6171] THE ROMAN EMPIRE Crispus caesar, 317 – 326 A. Gold Solidus 4.37gm. CRISPVS CAESAR Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm branch; in exergue. Pedigree: Ex Rollin and Feuardant sale 14 April 1887, Ponton d’Am├ęcourt, 703. Ex Adolph Hess, december 1933 (Randolph Laughlin), 1034. Provided with certificate of authenticity. By Sergey Nechayev, PhD. The […]