DECENTIUS Genuine Ancient 351AD Roman Coin JESUS Chi-Rho Christogram NGC i81331

February 1, 2020

Item: i81331 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze AE1 / BI Centenionalis 25mm (8.43 grams) Trier mint, struck circa 351-353 A. Reference: RIC VIII 326; Sear 18864. VF 4285245-005 DN DECENTIVS FORT CAES, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right. SALVS DD NN AVG ET CAES, Large Chi-Rho flanked by A (alpha) and w (omega); mintmark TRS […]

DECENTIUS Rare JESUS CHRIST Chi-Rho Alpha Omega Ancient Roman Coin NGC i60425

January 31, 2018

Item: i60425 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Decentius – Roman Caesar: 351-353 A. Bronze Double-Centenionalis or AE1 26mm (7.64 grams) Trier mint 352 A. Reference: RIC 319 Certification: NGC Ancients Ch VF 4375823-320 D N DECENTI VS FORT CAES, draped and cuirassed bust right, SALVS DD NN AVG ET CAES, chi-rho flanked by the Alphan (A) […]