Diocletian AD 284-305 Aquileia Ancient Authentic Roman bronze coin

June 17, 2023

IMP DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG, laureate head right / SACR MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR; Moneta standing left, holding scales in right and cornucopiae in left hand; V in right field, AQP in exergue. If you have any questions ask me, I WILL RESOLVE ANY ISSUE. 100% Authentic Inbox me for every question you have, […]


DIOCLETIAN Authentic Ancient 295AD Follis Ancient Roman Coin GENIUS NGC i73296

January 31, 2023

Item: i73296 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze Follis 28mm Cyzicus mint, 3rd officina, struck 295-296 A. Reference: RIC VI 12a Certification: NGC Ancients. XF 4683278-014 IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG, Laureate head right. GENIO POPVLI ROMANI / KG, Genius standing left, pouring out patera and holding cornucopia. The Genius was a protection […]


DIOCLETIAN Genius, Male Figure Ancient Roman Empire Follis Coin Scarce Rome mint

October 23, 2022

Ancient Roman Follis Coin of Diocletian. Large format follis coin For comparison a U. Quarter is 24mm and 5.75g. This is the large size follis of Diocletion before the monetary reforms of Constantine the great that vastly reduced size and weight of Folle comparable to a U. Obverse: IMP C DIOCLETIANVS P F AVG, laureate […]


Diocletian AD284 BI Antoninianus Jupiter Emperor DESERT PATINA Roman Coin withCOA

July 23, 2022

COMES WITH HIGH QUALITY COLOR AND LAMINATED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY (with coin’s picture in HD)! Reference: i11-70 Diocletian (AD 284-305). BI antoninianus (20mm, 3.64 gm, 11h). NGC MS 5/5 – 3/5, Silvering. IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Diocletian right, seen from behind / CONCORDIA MI-LITVM, Diocletian standing right, […]


Diocletian Gold AV Aureus Roman Coin 284-305 AD NGC Choice AU 5/5 Strike

June 2, 2022

Up for sale here is an excellent Roman Diocletian AV Aureus Gold Coin (284-305 AD) that has been certified and professionally judged to be in Choice Almost Uncirculated Condition by the NGC Grading Service. This is a very rare and outstanding Diocletian Gold Aureus with strong Choice AU detail and a beautiful overall look. This […]


DIOCLETIAN Abdication Issue 305AD Ancient Roman Coin of London NGC AU i67623

April 21, 2020

Item: i67623 Authentic Ancient Coin of. As Senior Augustus, AD 305-311/2 ABDICATION ISSUE Bronze Follis 27mm (8.76 grams) London mint. Struck circa 305-307 A. AU 4281369-015 D N DIOCLETIANO FELICISSIMO SEN AVG, Laureate bust right, wearing imperial mantle, holding olive branch and mappa. PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVGG, Providentia standing right, receiving olive branch from Quies […]


DIOCLETIAN 296AD Genius Authentic Ancient Roman Coin NGC Certified MS i60399

September 9, 2019

Item: i60399 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Diocletian – Roman Emperor: 284-305 A. Silvered Bronze Follis 29mm (9.09 grams) Siscia mint 296 A. Reference: RIC 96a Certification: NGC Ancients MS 4375823-046 IMP DIOCLETIANVS PF AVG, laureate head right GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius standing left, modius on head, naked except for chlamys over left shoulder, holding patera […]


Diocletian Roman Empire BI Billon Nummus NGC Ch AU Ancient Caesar Coin

August 29, 2019

Diocletian Roman Empire BI Billon Nummus NGC Ch AU. This is a great investment with graded ancient. Coins gaining in value every day. This is a great looking coin with amazing detail. The item “Diocletian Roman Empire BI Billon Nummus NGC Ch AU Ancient Caesar Coin” is in sale since Wednesday, June 5, 2019. This […]

DIOCLETIAN 286AD Silvered Authentic Ancient Roman Coin JUPITER ZEUS i65387

February 12, 2019

Item: i65387 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silvered Bronze Antoninianus 21mm (4.30 grams) Siscia mint: 286-293 A. Reference: RIC V 256; Cohen 33 IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS AVG, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right CONCORDIA MILITVM, Diocletian standing right, holding parazonium, receiving Victory from Jupiter standing left with scepter. In Roman mythology, Jupiter or Jove […]

DIOCLETIAN 288AD Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Genius Protection Cult i56350

December 21, 2018

Item: i56350 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Diocletian – Roman Emperor : 284-305 A. Bronze Follis 26mm (8.72 grams) Antioch mint 288 A. Reference: RIC 48a (VI, Antioch) IMPCDIOCLETIANVSPFAVG – Laureate head right. GENIOPOPVLIROMANI Exe: B /ANT – Genius standing left, pouring out patera and holding cornucopia. Head of a genius worshipped by Roman soldiers (found […]