ELAGABALUS Authentic Ancient 219AD OLD Silver Roman Coin w LIBERTAS NGC i87437

January 17, 2023

Item: i87437 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 18mm (3.22 grams) Rome mint, struck circa 220-222 A. Reference: RIC IV 107; Thirion 272; RSC 92; Sear 7523 Certification: NGC Ancients. XF 4936026-008 IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate and draped bust right. LIBERTAS AVG, Libertas standing left, holding pileus and sceptre, star in left or right […]


Elagabalus AR Silver Denarius Rome Mint 221-222 AD Ancient Roman Coin RIC. 146

April 24, 2022

Elagabalus, 218-222 AD, AR Silver Denarius, Rome Mint, Struck 221/222 AD. Lustrous silver to lightly toned silver in color. All photographs are of the exact coin being offered. All items are graded as accurately and fairly as possible to industry standards. Grading is an opinion and not exact science. As noted from one major TPG […]


ELAGABALUS AD218 Denarius Silver Victory Authentic Ancient Roman Coin withCOA

March 7, 2022

COMES WITH HIGH QUALITY COLOR AND LAMINATED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY (with coin’s picture in HD)! Roman Imperial Reference: i97-26 Elagabalus, 218-222. IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Elagabalus to right. VICTOR ANTONINI AVG Victory advancing right, holding wreath in her right hand and palm frond in her left. A […]


Elagabalus Silver Possibly Unpublished Ancient Roman Coin Liberty Cult i51141

February 20, 2022

Item: i51141 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Elagabalus – Roman Emperor : 218-222 A. Silver Denarius 18mm (2.93 grams) Struck circa 218-222 A. Reference: Possibly Unpublished Laureate, draped bust right. LIBERTAS AVG – Libertas standing left, holding pileus and scepter; star in left field. LIBERTAS – Liberty is represented in two ways on coins: the one […]


ELAGABALUS 218AD Rome Authentic Ancient Silver Roman Coin Roma Victory i76272

January 3, 2022

Item: i76272 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Antoninianus 20mm (5.13 grams) Rome mint: 218 A. Reference: RIC 1f, C 126 IMPCAESMAVRANTONINVSAVG – Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. PMTRPCOSPP – Roma seated left, holding Victory and scepter; shield below. In ancient Roman religion, Victoria or Victory was the personified goddess of victory. She is the […]


ELAGABALUS 218AD Rome Silver Antoninianus Ancient Roman Coin FIDES Eagle i64690

January 1, 2022

Item: i64690 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Antoninianus 21mm (4.59 grams) Rome mint, struck 218-219 A. Reference: RIC 70, RSC 31 Reference: RIC 71, S 7511, C 32 IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. FIDES EXERCITVS, Fides seated left, holding eagle and standard to right; standard to left. Fides […]


ELAGABALUS Authentic Ancient 219AD Silver Roman Coin w FIDES FIDELITY NGC i72793

November 8, 2021

Item: i72793 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 19mm (2.70 grams) Rome mint, struck 219 A. Reference: RIC 73; RSC 41; Sear 7512 Certification: NGC Ancients. Ch VF 4681162-039 IMP ANTONINVS AVG, laureate draped bust right. FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing front, head right, holding standard and vexillum. Fides, the personification of fidelity or bona fides […]


ELAGABALUS at Altar Sacrificing Ancient 222AD Rome Silver Roman Coin i67048

August 9, 2021

Item: i67048 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 19mm (2.71 grams) Rome mint, struck 222 A. Reference: RIC 52; S 7538; C 213; RSC 213a IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, horned. P M TR P V COS IIII P P, Elagabalus standing left, sacrificing out of patera over lighted altar […]


Elagabalus 218AD Authentic Silver Ancient Roman Coin Providentia i61496

July 24, 2021

Item: i61496 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Elagabalus – Roman Emperor: 218-222 A. Silver Antoninianus 22mm (3.95 grams) Struck circa 218-222 A. Reference: BMC 99; Coh. IMPANTONINVSAVG – Radiate, draped bust right. PMTRPIICOSIIPP – Providentia standing left, leaning on column and with legs crossed, holding wand over globe and cornucopia. The cornucopia (from Latin cornu copiae) […]


NGC XF. Elagabalus. Stunning Denarius circa AD 219-220 Ancient Roman Silver Coin

September 10, 2020

Elagabalus (AD 218-222) AR Denarius (2.25g, 19mm, 15h) circa AD 219-220. Obv: IMP ANTONINVS AVG, laureate, draped bust right. / Rev: FIDES MILITVM, Fides standing half-left, head right, holding grounded vexillum and transverse signum. RIC 73; RSC 38a; RCV 7512. NGC details – flan flaw. This coin is guaranteed for life to be a genuine […]