House of Constantine A Collection of 10 Roman Bronze Coins Boxed. Story & COA

November 9, 2023

He put down his rival Licinius I and his son Licinius II, consolidating his power. Another son, Crispus, also had coins minted with his portrait, as did his nephew Constantine Gallus. Julian II, was the last of the House of Constantine.


House of Constantine Boxed Collection of Five Ancient NGC Slabbed Roman Coins

January 22, 2023

House of Constantine: A Collection of Five Ancient NGC Slabbed Coins – RARE. A Collection of Five Slabbed Coins. The various reverses feature mythological and military themes. All are certified by NGC in VF condition. NGC is the ultimate in coin authenticating and verifying authenticity. This set contains Five Genuine Ancient Roman bronze. Coins struck […]