JULIA MAESA 218AD Rome Ancient Authentic Silver Roman Coin PIETAS Duty i63372

January 13, 2022

Item: i63372 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Antoninianus 18mm (2.99 grams) Rome mint 218-222 A. Reference: RIC 264 (Elagabalus) IVLIA MAESA AVG, Diademed, draped bust right on crescent. PIETAS AVG, Pietas standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding incense box. In Roman mythology, Pietas was the goddess of duty to one’s state, gods and family […]


Julia Mamaea Silver Ancient Roman Coin Rare Juno wife & sister of Jupiter i54156

January 9, 2022

Item: i54156 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Julia Mamaea – Roman Empress wife of Emperor Severus Alexander 222-235 A. Silver Denarius 20mm (2.39 grams) Rome mint: 222-235 A. Reference: RIC 343 (Severus Alexander), S 8212 IVLIAMAMAEAAVG – Draped, bust right. IVNOCONSERVATRIX – Juno standing left, holding patera and scepter; peacock to left. Was an ancient Roman […]


JULIA PAULA 220AD Rome Ancient Silver Roman Coin of Elagabalus NGC Ch XF i59978

December 17, 2021

Item: i59978 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Julia Paula – Roman Empress: 219-220 A. Silver Denarius 19mm (2.12 grams) Rome mint, struck 220 A. Under Elagabalus Reference: RIC 211 (Elagabalus); S 7655; Thirion 452; RSC 6a Certification: NGC Ancients Ch XF 4375823-096 IVLIA PAVLA AVG, Draped bust right. CONCORDIA, Concordia seated left, holding patera; star in […]


JULIA MAMAEA Severus Alexander Wife Silver Ancient Roman Coin Felicitas i65409

November 20, 2021

Item: i65409 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 20mm (3.06 grams) Rome mint: 222-235 A. Reference: RIC 335 (Severus Alexander), S 8209 IVLIA MAMAEA AVG – Diademed, draped bust right. FELICITAS PVBLICA – Felicitas standing left, leaning on column and with legs crossed, holding caduceus. In ancient Roman culture, felicitas (from the Latin adjective felix […]


NGC Ch AU Julia Mamaea Denarius Mother & Regent of S Alexander Roman Silver Coin

July 27, 2021

Julia Mamaea (AD 222-235) (mother of Severus Alexander). AR Denarius (19mm, 2.70g) circa AD 222. Obv: IVLIA MAMAEA AVG Draped bust right. / Rev: IVNO CONSERVATRIX Iuno standing left, holding patera and long sceptre; at her feet peacock. Here at Rare Coins & Collectibles we have pledged to uphold the highest ethical standards. Julia Avita […]


NGC Ch XF Julia Soaemias Superb Denarius Mother of Elagabalus Roman Silver Coin

April 13, 2021

NGC Ch XF Julia Soaemias (AD 218-222) (mother of Elagabalus) AR Denarius (3.10g, 19mm, 1h) Antioch mint. Obv: [IVLI]A SOEMIAS AVG, draped bust right. / Rev: VENVS CAELESTIS, Venus seated left, holding apple and sceptre; at left, child reaches up to her. Here at Rare Coins & Collectibles we have pledged to uphold the highest […]


JULIA MAMAEA 228AD Rome Sestertius Authentic Ancient Roman Coin NGC XF i64232

January 17, 2021

Item: i64232 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Bronze Sestertius 29mm Rome mint, 9th emission of Severus Alexander, struck 228 A. Reference: RIC 676 (Severus Alexander) Certification: NGC Ancients. XF 4241509-003 IVLIA MAMAEA AVGVSTA, draped bust right, wearing stephane, hair braided in rows and tucked in chignon. FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas standing facing, legs crossed, head left, caduceus […]


NGC Ch XF Julia Domna Denarius. Mother of Caracalla. Ancient Roman Silver Coin

October 21, 2020

Julia Domna as Augusta (AD 193-217) AR Denarius (20.5mm, 2.02 g, 12h) Rome mint. Struck under Caracalla, AD 211-215. Obv: Draped bust right. / Rev: DIANA LV CIFERA, Diana Lucifera standing left, holding torch in both hands. RIC IV 373A (Caracalla); RSC 32. NGC details – brushed. Diana Lucifera, the Light-bearer, is a moon goddess. […]


NGC AU Julia Domna. Stunning Denarius. Mother of Caracalla. Roman Silver Coin

September 11, 2020

Julia Domna (AD 193-217). AR Denarius (3.28g, 20mm, 6h) AD 196-211. Obv: IVLIA AVGVSTA, bare-headed and draped bust right. / Rev: IVNO, Juno, veiled and standing left, holding patera and sceptre; peacock by left foot. This coin is guaranteed for life to be a genuine ancient coin. Here at Ancient Auctions we have pledged to […]


JULIA MAESA Authentic Ancient 218AD Rome Silver Roman Coin PIETAS NGC i73325

June 17, 2020

Item: i73325 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Denarius 20mm (2.98 grams) Rome mint Reference: RIC 263; BMC 73; Cohen 29 Certification: NGC Ancients. AU 4683278-007 IVLIA MAESA AVG, Draped bust of Julia Maesa to right. PIETAS AVG, Pietas, veiled, standing front, head to left, sacrificing with her right hand over altar and holding open incense-box […]