Maximianus Follis SACRA MONET AVGG 286 AD 305 AD Bronze Ancient Roman Coin

January 24, 2023

Maximianus Follis SACRA MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR Larger Bronze. Ancient Roman bronze coin. A member of the tetrarchy where the East had 2 emperors and the Wear had 2 emperors. Lots of silver remaining. The legend on the reverse is lengthy and here is what is reads. SACRA MONET AVG ET CAESS NOSTR, Moneta […]


Maximianus. First reign, AD 286-305. Æ Follis Heraclea Ancient Roman Coin LARGE

December 13, 2022

First reign, AD 286-305. Æ Follis (29mm, 9.92 g, 6h). Heraclea mint, 2nd officina. Laureate head right / Genius standing left, holding patera and cornucopia; HTB. Near EF, brown patina. This item is in the category “Coins & Paper Money\Coins: Ancient\Roman: Imperial (27 BC-476 AD)”. The seller is “houseofcaesarscaliphsnumis” and is located in this country: […]


EF Maximianus Herculius AD286 Alexandria Antoninianus Authentic Roman Coin withCOA

June 24, 2022

EF Maximianus Herculius AD286 Alexandria Antoninianus Authentic Roman Coin w/COA. COMES WITH HIGH QUALITY COLOR AND LAMINATED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY (with coin’s picture in HD)! Maximianus Herculius AD 286-305. IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS P F AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / CONCORDIA MILITVM, Prince standing right, holding parazonium, receiving Victory on globe […]

MAXIMIANUS 303AD Authentic Ancient Roman NGC Certified XF GOLD Aureus Coin RARE

January 18, 2018

[6162] Maximianus, first reign (AD 286-305). AV aureus (17mm, 5.35 gm, 6h). Struck 20 November AD 303. MAXIMIA-NVS P F AVG, laureate head of Maximian right / HERCVLI CONSER AVG ET CAESS NN, Hercules standing facing, head left, quiver over shoulder, holding club set on ground and bow; TR in exerge. Calicó 4651 (same dies). […]