ROMA / Victory 2 Horse Chariot NGC Lucilia 1 Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin

May 28, 2019

Lucilius Rufus 101 BC. Obverse: Head of Roma right, wearing winged Attic helmet; PV behind, all within laurel-wreath. LVCILI in exergue, RVF above, Victory driving galloping biga (two horse chariot) right. Crawford 324/1; Sydenham 599; Kestner 2613; BMCRR Rome 1613; Lucilia 1. NGC Certified and Graded VF Very Fine. All illustrations are of the actual […]


ROMA / APOLLO in 4 Horse CHARIOT. Baebia 12 Ancient Roman Silver Denarius Coin

April 16, 2019

Ancient ROMAN REPUBLIC Coinage. ROMAN REPUBLIC ANCIENT COINAGE. Head of Roma left, wearing winged helmet, ornamented with griffins head, the visor in three pieces and peaked, wearing single-drop earring and pearl necklace, hair arranged in three symmetrical locks; X (mark of value) below chin, TAMPIL upwards to right. Reverse: Apollo driving galloping quadriga (4 Horse […]