SEVERINA 274AD Rome Concordia Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Aurelian Wife i59173

August 5, 2022

Authentic Ancient Coin of. Severina – Roman Empress 274-275 A. Wife of Emperor Aurelian Bronze Antoninianus 22mm (3.36 grams) Rome mint, circa 274-275 A. Reference: RIC 4 SEVERINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right, on crescent. CONCORDIAE MILITVM Exe: B/XXIR, Concordia standing left with two ensigns. Severina – Augusta 274-275 A. Wife of Roman Emperor […]


SEVERINA wife of AURELIAN 275AD Rome DENARIUS Ancient Roman Coin w VENUS i65560

April 27, 2022

Item: i65560 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Wife of Emperor Aurelian. Bronze Denarius 18mm (2.38 grams) Rome mint, 275 A. Reference: Cohen 14; RIC 6; RIC online 1858 SEVERINA AVG, Draped bust of Severina to right. Venus standing front, head left, holding Cupid in right hand and long scepter in left. Venus was a Roman goddess […]