Superb roman silver coin of emperor TITUS, very nice

March 4, 2023

Superb roman silver coin of emperor TITUS, very nice. It gives a very low weight for the denarii, I think it is a vintage lined denarius. APPROXIMATE SIZE IN MM: see the pictures. All items are acquired from legitimate sources such as established galleries, International. Coin fairs and old British and European collections. If you […]


Superb Lot Of 21 Cleaned Ancient Roman Imperial Coins Outstanding Lot

May 11, 2019

SUPERB LOT OF 21 CLEANED ANCIENT ROMAN IMPERIAL COINS – OUTSTANDING LOT! THERE ARE A LOT OF RARE COINS IN THIS LOT! PRICE IS FOR ENTIRE LOT. CAN BE FURTHER CLEANED! For Europe you don’t need to wait that much. Please take a look at my profile. You can find a lot of ancient Roman, […]