TREBONIANUS GALLUS 251AD Rome Rare Silver Ancient Roman Coin Liberty i65372

March 3, 2023

Item: i65372 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Silver Antoninianus 20mm (3.23 grams) Struck at the mint of Rome 251-253 A. Reference: RIC 39, C 67 IMPCAECVIBTREBGALLVSAVG – Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. LIBERTASAVGG – Libertas standing left, leaning on column and with legs crossed, holding pileus and scepter. LIBERTAS – Liberty is represented in two […]

TREBONIANUS GALLUS on horse 251AD Rare Silver Ancient Roman Coin i53159

November 2, 2018

Item: i53159 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Trebonianus Gallus – Roman Emperor : 251-253 A. Silver Antoninianus 21mm (4.18 grams) Rome mint: 251-253 A. Reference: RIC 79, C 2 IMPCCVIBTREBGALLVSPFAVG – Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. ADVENTVSAVG – Trebonianus Gallus riding horse left, raising hand and holding scepter. Gaius Vibius Trebonianus Gallus (206 – August, […]