C Vibius Cf Pansa Superb Denarius circa 90 BC Ancient Roman Republic Silver Coin

February 13, 2021

AR Denarius (19mm, 3.99g) Rome mint. Obv: PANSA Laureate head of Apollo right; below chin, control mark. / Rev: Minerva in fast quadriga right, holding spear and reins in left hand and trophy in right; in exergue, C·VIBIVS·C·F. Guarantee : This coin is guaranteed for life to be a genuine ancient coin. Here at Ancient […]

C Vibius Cf Pansa Ancient Roman Republican Silver Denarius Coin 023327

March 1, 2018

C VIBIUS CF PANSA. ANCIENT ROMAN REPUBLICAN SILVER DENARIUS COIN. Silver, 4.01 grams, 18.50 mm. Obverse: head of Apollo right, PANSA behind. Reverse: C VIBIVS CF, beneath Minerva in galopping quadriga right. Crawford 342/5b; Sydenham 684; Vibia 1; Sear 242. Very fine with bankers test stamps. GB 795 7410 88; Margin scheme applies. Export licences […]