VOLUSIAN Roman Caesar251AD Ancient Roman Coin VIMINACIUM Legion Bull Lion i28868

July 1, 2018

Item: i28868 Authentic Ancient Coin of. Volusian – Roman Caesar: 251-253 A. Bronze 29mm (10.18 grams) Struck at Viminacium Year 13 of it’s Colonial Era 251/252 A. IMP CAE C VIB VOLVSIANO AVG, Laureate bust right, drapery over left shoulder. P M S COL VIM, Moesia standing left between bull standing right and lion left; […]

VOLUSIAN Roman Empire 251-253 NGC AU Double Denarius Ancient Coin Volusianus

February 27, 2018

VOLUSIAN 251-253 NGC AU Ancient Double Denarius. This is a great investment with graded ancient. Coins gaining in value every day. This is a great looking coin with amazing detail. VOLUSIAN Story from Wikipedia. Gaius Vibius Volusianus Augustus. Died August 253, also known as Volusian , was a Roman Emperor. From 251 to 253. He […]